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Welcome to 4Oakham

Welcome to 4 Oakham. We are a partnership supported by Rutland County Council and Oakham Town Council. Our aim is to take forward the recommendations of the Oakham Town Task & Finish Group as presented to RCC in 2018.

We are a community led partnership and we have received some seed capital from RCC to develop and implement plans to revitalise Oakham.

We may have a long journey ahead of us but this is an exciting time for Oakham and we will be looking at a range of opportunities to rejuvenate the town. We want to bring together the businesses and residents to achieve this, as they will be the key to our success, and without their support we will not achieve our goal. We want to make Oakham a vibrant and exciting place to live, work and visit.

To achieve this, we will be supporting and encouraging projects to improve the roads, pavements, streetscape, signage, car parking and safe and easy public access, for pedestrians, cyclists, cars and those who have problems with mobility.

We are aware that it has taken some time to reach this point (not helped by lockdown) but we now have the structure, the people and most importantly the enthusiasm to make it work

Thomas Cooper
Chairman of 4 Oakham.